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Medical Malpractice And Errors In Anesthesiology

Although anesthesia is common in surgical procedures, its administration is dangerous if done improperly. Unfortunately, in some cases, the reckless or negligent actions of anesthesiologists have led to life-changing injuries for affected patients or even to the passing of an individual.

At the Law Offices of Sera H. Russell, III, in Houston, we provide legal guidance and representation to injury victims due to an anesthesiologist’s poor standard of care provided to patients. Medical malpractice cases are complex, but we have the necessary resources and collaboration with health care professionals to make a solid case for you.

An Anesthesiologist’s Role And Responsibilities

The intervention of an anesthesiologist starts when performing a patient’s preoperative evaluation to assess whether an individual is ready to undergo surgery. From such a procedure and the patient’s medical record, they may also determine the type of anesthesia to use.

Types of anesthesia include:

  • General, where a patient is completely unconscious
  • Local, which is applied to numb a specific part of the body
  • Regional, including epidural or spinal anesthesia

Through surgery, anesthesiologists monitor a patient’s vital signs and recovery post-surgery. They are also in charge of discharging individuals from postoperative care.

However,  anesthesiologists are also prone to mistakes. Tiredness, the pressures of an emergency room and negligence are among the common factors that could negatively impact a health care professional’s performance.

Medical Errors And How We Can Assist You

Through the surgical process, anesthesiologists may commit various omissions or negligent actions, such as wrong dosage or failure to properly assess a patient prior to surgery. Injuries due to anesthesiologist’s error include:

  • Permanent disability due to nerve injury, brain damage
  • Intubation/extubation errors resulting in mouth, teeth, throat and/or lung damage
  • Anesthesia awareness, which occurs when a patient wakes up during surgery
  • Poor pre/postoperative monitoring of a patient’s vital signs and recovery
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Vegetative state or death

When we discuss your case at the Law Offices of Sera H. Russell, III, we will also rely on the opinion of health care professionals to determine if your injury was due to an anesthesiologist’s poor performance. Evidence is the key to building a solid case, which is why we will examine your medical record in detail to fight for fair compensation for our Texan clients.

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