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Sometimes, we believe that medical malpractice only involves physicians, nurses, internists and other professionals. However, medical staff regularly works for hospitals that are in charge of setting the rules and relevant performance standards, and are responsible for creating and fostering a safe work environment.

In addition, hospitals should also follow a standard of care regarding the quality of their services and their staff. Otherwise, hospitals may also be liable for the medical malpractice cases that occurred at their facilities. At the Law Offices of Sera H. Russell, III in Houston, we protect the rights of injured victims due to the negligence of health care professionals and administrative medical staff. We are prepared to listen, evaluate your case and work on legal strategies to address your needs.

Proving The Liability Of Administrative Staff

A hospital’s administrative staff action – or inaction – could also lead to injuries. Some examples include:

  • Failure to verify the new personnel’s licenses and credentials, including ongoing training on relevant areas of specialization
  • Failure to provide the necessary protocols to ensure the safety of both personnel and patients
  • Mislabeling medication or mishandling a patient’s information and documents, which could lead to misdiagnosis or medication errors
  • Mismanagement of resources such as understaffing or failure to dismiss incompetent personnel

Like every personal injury, medical malpractice cases rely on evidence. We will to diligently analyze and evaluate your case to obtain solid evidence. We will substantiate your case to hold the hospital staff negligent of your injuries or the unfortunate passing of a loved one. We will focus on proving the administrative staff’s actions caused or contributed to your injuries and the damages you experienced due to such negligence.

You May Have A Case Of Hospital Negligence

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