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Lafayette And Houston Surgical Error Lawyer

Were you injured during surgery? Did someone close to you suffer fatal injuries while being treated for another injury or illness?

When a new injury is caused during a surgical procedure, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Medical facilities are quick to deny any wrongdoing, leaving injured patients searching for answers. Contacting a law firm that has a network of medical experts available to assess the validity of a case and provide additional information is critical.

Attorney Sera H. Russell has been practicing law since 1978, helping numerous clients who have suffered due to surgical errors or untreated complications of surgery. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your medical malpractice, contact our Lafayette law office today. We serve clients in the Lafayette and Houston areas.

Was your injury caused by medical negligence?

It is important to know that not every complication during surgery constitutes medical malpractice. However, it is also important to know that physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals can and do make mistakes that cause serious injuries and even death. In these cases, it is important to determine whether the medical professional deviated from the standard of care.

Our firm can help you determine if the cause of the injury was due to a mistake by a physician or surgeon. We work with a variety of medical experts to understand exactly what caused or contributed to the injury and whether a breach of the standard of care by a physician came into play in your case. Even the failure to follow up after surgery can constitute medical negligence.

Attorney Sera H. Russell has handled 29 medical malpractice and surgical error trials. In the past, he has been able to seek optimal results on behalf of clients through settlement, due to his thorough preparation and close network of medical experts who break down the details of the case. However, at trial, he is able to effectively communicate complex medical information to juries to communicate what acts of negligence contributed to the injuries.

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