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Referring Attorneys

Many of Sera H. Russell’s cases are referred to him by fellow attorneys. He is trusted by his colleagues because of his proven record of success in complex medical malpractice cases, which he has been handling since 1978. Louisiana and Texas attorneys in need of an attorney with experience in the field of medical negligence as well as out-of-state attorneys in need of local representation in medical error claims refer cases to Sera H. Russell.

Medical Malpractice Claims Handled With Diligence and Care

Lafayette and Houston lawyer Sera H. Russell’s record of success in medical negligence claims can be tied to his careful and diligent handling of these complicated cases. First, he carefully screens every case. Next, he brings in trusted medical experts who can testify that a doctor acted negligently. His longevity in this field has enabled him to establish a network of medical experts who are reputable and knowledgeable in everything from birth injuries to surgery errors.

His thorough preparation has led to him winning more than 50 percent of all medical review panels, which is well above the statewide average in Louisiana. In fact, more than 20 percent of his medical malpractice cases are settled before the panel even meets. His clients appreciate his commitment to maximizing compensation in a timely manner, and referring attorneys can be comfortable knowing that he will treat their clients’ cases with the same respect and dedication to success that he brings to his own cases.

To discuss referring a medical malpractice case or any other personal injury claim to the Law Offices of Sera H. Russell, III, please call 337-205-9786 or contact us online today.

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