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The decision to pursue a medical malpractice claim is often difficult. People are generally reluctant to pursue a medical malpractice claim against their doctor.

At The Law Offices of Sera H. Russell, III, we have been handling personal injury and medical malpractice claims for more than 40 years. We understand how emotional and difficult these cases can be. Our firm has the resources to build a strong claim and obtain fair compensation for victims of medical malpractice, as well as family members who have lost loved ones because of medical errors.

To discuss your medical malpractice claim with a lawyer in a free consultation, call or contact our firm online. We will review your case at no charge. As our client, you are charged nothing for your initial consultation, and we are reimbursed for our legal representation and services through a percentage of your recovery.

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Lafayette and Houston medical malpractice attorney Sera Russell has extensive experience, having tried 33 medical malpractice cases. There aren’t many plaintiffs’ lawyers in the state of Louisiana who can match that experience. However, people who have been injured by medical malpractice should keep in mind that the vast majority of cases settle out of court. Our firm prepares for the possibility of trial, using this preparation to obtain the best results for our injured clients. We work hard to ensure our clients receive maximum compensation, including up to the current recovery limit.

Medical malpractice claims arise when a doctor, surgeon, nurse or other health care professional or facility deviates from the accepted standard of care. Claims can arise from situations such as the following:

If possible, we encourage clients to obtain their medical records after the procedure. This same action taken by an attorney can cause medical personnel to alter the records to protect themselves from a medical malpractice claim.

The Law Offices of Sera H. Russell, III has developed a network of talented doctors in virtually every area of medical specialty. We work with and rely upon the expertise of these professional and highly competent doctors.

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